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Our Judging Panel for Sydney Royal Grooming Show 2023

Meet Kazuaki Jingu, who would be our speaker/judge at Sydney Royal from 16th to 17th April 2023

Kazuaki a world renowed and award winning groomer. He is the owner of Dog Salon Salt & Pepper and a Japan Kennel Club's certified grooming judge. He is also a member of Team Utsumi. Kazuaki started studying grooming at the age of 15 and is a breed specialist of Miniature Schnauzer. After gaining experience in dog shows, he opened a grooming salon and also conducts seminars and judging grooming contests. He has actively participated in grooming contests worldwide i.e. Asia, America and Europe and has won numerous awards. Some of the highlights of his grooming career is winning

・2020 Belgium Kortrijk “Groomania Online Edition” [BIS] Miniature Schnauzer
・2018 U.S.A Pasadena "Groom Expo West" [BIS] Miniature Schnauzer
・2017 U.S.A Pasadena "Groom Expo West" [BIS] Miniature Poodle
・2009 Japan Cup [BIS] Toy Poodle
・2004 Japan Cup [BIS] Miniature Schnauzer
・2002 Japan Cup [BIS] Miniature Schnauzer


Mr Kazoo Skywalker (NSW)

Kazoo Skywalker is the owner of Star Paws Grooming Studio in Petersham, Sydney. With over 20 years of experience in the grooming world, Kazoo Skywalker is no stranger in Australia when it comes to dog grooming and Conformation Dog Shows in the Australian Kennel Club. Having been mentored by the best breed specialists such as Toshi Omura of Smash Poodles in Japan, John Edwards, Jenny Mackenzie, Lex Henery as well as Les Bradney, all well-known breed specialists in Australia.

Kazoo started his career in Japan after completing 4 years of studies in Japan and training on grooming dogs for show dogs level. He moved to Australia in 2007. He is also a long-time committee of the Poodle Club of NSW and has the pleasure of being selected to lead as the Vice President of the Club.

Kazoo has a very successful career in both dog show world as well as grooming competitions. He has won numerous Best In Shows and Royal Group placements with his Poodles as well as Bichons. Kazoo specialised in Poodles, Bichon Frise, Bedlington Terriers, West Highland White Terriers and Lakeland Terriers.

He is honoured to be selected as one of the judges for the Sydney Royal dog grooming competition this year.

Sue Wright (QLD)

Founder of Australia’s first dedicated Asian Fusion Dog Grooming Academy, Sue Wright is Diploma certified with Highest Honors … Award winning Pet Stylist, IJA Judge, Australian Model Dog Team Leader, Plush Puppy Coat Care Specialist and video content contributor to the Igroomhub.

Sue’s work has featured on TV and been published in books and magazines world wide, including ‘The complete Guide to Asian Styling’ ‘Modern Styles around the world’ ‘Toilettage Magazine’ and the prestigious Japanese styling magazine ‘Trim’

If you want to learn more about Asian Styling follow Sue’s work at:

Instagram @sue_wright_petstylist

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