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  • All dogs must be groomed according to breed standard and as presented in the conformation show ring

  • Points are awarded for the skills and technique in hand stripping, balance, symmetry

  • Thinning scissors are not permitted to be used on jacket 

  • Thinning scissors can be used for blending ears, head, face, neck and rear

  • Chalk is allowed.  

  • Clipping is allowed on face, neck, chest and ears.

  • All dogs may have sanitary and pads shaved prior to start of class

  • Finishing sprays are permissible in order to tidy up after time frame ends

  • Level  will be divided into Level : A+, A,  B and  C

  • Level A+ & A  - Thinning scissors are strictly not permitted to be used on jacket 

  • Level B - Minimal uses of Clipper and thinning scissors are permitted to be used on jacket but not encourage

  • Level C - Clipping and thinning scissors are permitted on the jacket

Breeds permitted

Cocker Spaniel (English)                  2.00 hrs
Cocker Spaniel (American)              2.15 hrs

English Springer Spaniel                 2.15 hrs

Welsh Springer Spaniel                   2.15 hrs

English Setter                                   2.5 hrs
Gordon Setter                                  2.5 hrs

Irish Red & While Setter                  2.5 hrs

Irish Setter                                        2.5 hrs

Level B & C Only

Brittany Spaniel                                2.0hrs

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel         1.45 hrs

King Charles Spaniel                        1.45 hrs

Clumber Spaniel                               2.0 hrs

Field Spaniel                                     2.0 hrs

Sussex Spaniel                                  2.0 hrs


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