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Salon Freestyle

Salon Freestyle


Salon Freestyle

  • Any cross breed in the everyday salon style or transformation of a breed into another breed

  • Points are awarded for the skills in clipper work, scissor work, balance, symmetry & scissor finish

  • All dogs may have sanitary and pads shaved prior to start of class

  • Finishing sprays are permissible in order to tidy up after competition time frame ends

  • Level will be divided into A+, A,  B and  C


Time Frame

Small 28cm and under               1 hr 45mins
Medium 29cm to 38cm              2 hrs

Large 39cm and over                 2 hrs 15mins

Salon Freestyle

  • Cancellation of entry will incur a 5% Fee Administrative and Processing.d.

    No refund of entry fees will be made after the closing date.

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