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DA FCI Poodles

(Competitors will only need to enter once to gain entry in both shows which will run simultaneously with different judges)


Dog models must not be groomed for 8 weeks or more prior to the date of the competition

All Poodles can have sanitary and pads shaved prior to the show.

All Poodles can have their face, feet & tail shaved prior to the show.

Topknot bubble must be done during the show time frame, bandings can be done prior.

Finishing sprays are permissible in order to tidy up after the show time frame ends

Hairspray may be used at any time throughout the show time


Level A+ & A

- Clipper guide combs are not permitted

- Show trims with spray up only (i.e. English Saddle, Continental or Scandinavian (Second Puppy).

- Topknot bubble must be done during the competition time frame

- Hair extensions are permitted and shall be of the same coat colour of the dog and can be applied prior  to the competition.

- Extra 20 minutes will be added for show trims

- Hairspray can be used to the topknot at any time throughout the competition time

- A thin layer of hairspray can be applied to the topknot prior to the competition but must be able to be combed through at prejudging

- Show collar to be applied before spray up.



Level B & C

- Clipper guide combs are permitted

Trims permitted at your level are German Trim Lamb/Modern Trim Modified Continental

Sporting Trim Town and Country Trims or Any other Poodle Pet trims


$159.00 Regular Price
$130.00Sale Price
  • Cancellation of entry will incur a 5% Fee Administrative and Processing.

    No refund of entry fees will be made after the closing date.

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