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  • All dogs may have sanitary and pads shaved prior to start of class

  • Coat must be carded or hand stripped

  • Coat can be rolled up to 3 weeks before the competition

  • There should be no visible pink skin or bald patches

  • Clippers are only permissable as presented in the conformation show ring i,e Schnauzer - ears, bum, in between hind legs and neck; Scottish terrier - ears, face, neck and bum; West Highland Terrier - ears and neck

  • Class will be divided into Level A, Level B and Level C

  • Class A - Clipping / Scissoring are not permitted. (see exemption breeds). 

  • Class B - Clipping and excessive usage of scissors will be penalised

  • Class C - Clipping and scissors are permitted.

Chalk, such as terrier chalk may be applied prior to or during the competition time frame to aid in hand stripping.

Enhance the coat color chalk is permitted in Level A only and shall not easily transfer onto judges hands

Please refer to permitted breeds here (below)



  • Cancellation of entry will incur a 5% Fee Administrative and Processing.

    No refund of entry fees will be made after the closing date.

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