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International Grooming Competitions (GC)

MKA International GC 

Date : 22 July 2024

City : Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Judging Panel : TBC

Participation : Team or Individual (TBC)

CKU Shanghai.jpg
CKU 1st International GC 

Date : 21 Aug 2024

City : Shanghai, China

Venue : Shanghai New International Expo Centre (SNIEC)

Judging Panel : TBC

Participation : Team or Individual

China largest Pet fair

Exclusive venue and extensive platform

Global publicity and coverage

Artero Grooming Slam 2024

Date : 23 - 24 Nov 2024

City : Barcelona, Spain

Judging Panel : TBC

Participation : Individual

High publicity and coverage event

FCI World Grooming Championship

Date : 5 Dec 2024

Venue : Suwon Messe

City : Suwon, South Korea

Judging Panel : Experienced International judges

Participation : Team  & Individual 

Program :

AM - 

FCI International GC (Individual)


PM -

FCI World Team Championship

KKF (Examinations)


To participate the above event, the applicant must have the following requirements:


  1. Must be a member of Dogs Australia (ANKC)

  2. Must be Australian citizen or as a permanent resident resides permanently in Australia

  3. Must have competed in our sanctioned Royal shows 

  4. Must compete in main categories (Group 1 - 4) 

  5. All applicants shall be subject to the DA National Grooming Committee approval

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