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Dogs Australia National Grooming Team

Meet The Team

Tiarne Perkiss


Tiarne grew up in the dog show world. Having first picked up a pair of grooming scissors at age 12 in her parents garage, she knew her passion in life was her dogs. Growing up with English Springer Spaniels Tiarne spent years working on perfecting their grooming and presentation for the show ring until in 2006 her parents purchased her, her first Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. From there her passion for grooming and presenting dogs grew. Throughout the years Tiarne has handled and presented a wide range of dogs in many different countries and gained invaluable lessons from breed mentors along the way and now campaigns Poodles, Cavaliers and English Springer Spaniels. 
Tiarne Perkiss is the owner and founder of Perky Pooches Grooming Salon and Elite Dog Grooming Academy.
Having run a successful grooming salon for 10 years, Tiarne has trained many staff from the ground up who now successfully and confidently manage the day to day runnings of an industry leading salon.   
She is a selected member of Dogs Australia National Grooming Team, Groom Team Australia and the DGS Creative team and has won multiple Best In Show awards in both the Grooming and Show ring. Tiarne presents grooming seminars across Australia as part of T & Tay on Tour.
Tiarne is looking forward to competing internationally over the coming years and can’t wait to network with like minded groomers


Bonnie Keen


Bonnie journey in the grooming industry began back in 2008, when I started bathing and drying on weekends. After graduating high school, I took the plunge and went full time into grooming. Over the years, I have worked as a mobile groomer, in vet clinics, and have even managed three successful corporate grooming salons. In 2016, I became a parent for the first time and made the decision to work from home. Here, I have created a fantastic salon with a talented team by my side.
Throughout my career, I have achieved two best in show awards, as well as two runner-up best in show titles. I have also placed highly in numerous other competitions. In addition to my grooming success, I am the proud owner and shower of two bedlington terriers.  I am also a team member of the DGS Creative Team.


Edwin Zhang

Hand Stripping

I began my journey in pet grooming in 2015, and since 2016, I have actively participated Edwin in dog grooming competitions. Throughout the years, I have had the honor of winning first titles in Salon Freestyle, Scissoring, and Hand Stripping Groups, along with the prestigious Best Pet Groomer award. In 2021, I made the decision to specialize in grooming terrier breeds


Lori Keele

Spaniel & Setter

Lori is passionate for dog grooming began in July 1994 working in the local pet shop with grooming where they trained me in the art on weekends and school holidays. I have remained in the industry ever since. 
I entered and won my first grooming competition in 2001 in a pre groomed section. I am more recently credited with my skills on the English Cocker spaniel but over the years I have completed on various breeds and styles with much success. 
I completed my Cert 4 TAE in 2022  as I love sharing my grooming knowledge, I strive to inspire groomers to be their best.

May Wong

Team Captain 


May Wong is an all-rounder groomer and  With 15 years of experience, May Wong has
established herself as a leading figure in the dog grooming industry in Australia. Her expertise spans compeƟƟve grooming, where she has achieved numerous Best in Show awards with Miniature Poodles and American Cocker
May's grooming skills encompass a wide range of breeds, including poodles,
hand-stripped spaniels, wire-coated breeds, and scissoring breeds. She has
received recognition for her grooming work with breeds such as Bichon Frise,
Scoƫsh Terriers, English Cocker Spaniels, Welsh Terriers, and West Highland
White Terriers.  In addition to her competition success, May is highly skilled in grooming breeds for conformation shows, excelling with English Springer Spaniels, English Cocker
Spaniels, Bedlington Terriers, Wire Fox Terriers, and Kerry Blue Terriers.

In 2015, May ventured into showcasing her first Miniature Poodle to explore
different grooming styles within the conformaƟon circuit. Her dedicaƟon to
learning and improving is evident, with ongoing achievements in presenƟng Toy
Poodles and Miniature Poodles that have earned her numerous Best in Show
Adding to her repertoire, May acquired an American Cocker Spaniel in 2016,
benefiƟng from mentorship that contributed to their success in conformaƟon
and grooming competitions. Her acquisiƟon of a Welsh Terrier in 2018 further
showcased her skills, leading to Best in Show and Group awards.
She is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience, conducting seminars that are highly regarded among grooming professionals across Australia and beyond, including
recent engagements in New Zealand.

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