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Gary Ho (Hong Kong)

Gary Ho is a well recognised grooming instructor, mentor, speaker and grooming judge from Hong Kong. He has conducted many seminars, workshops and certified groomers  in Hong Kong, China, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. 

Gary has been working in the grooming industry for the past 20 years.  He has his own grooming school, Gaite Workshop Grooming School in Hong Kong and has mentored and trained up many successful groomers .  He obtained his Class A certifications from the Kennel Club of Taiwan, Singapore Kennel Club as well as Kennel Club Union of Asia. He also has obtained certification through The City and Guilds of London Institute in UK and Professional Grooming Diploma Germany.


Gary has bred and exhibited Poodle under the prefix Gaite. He discovered this lovely breed some 20 years ago,  finding them to be the most perfect breed for him. Since then, he has been exhibiting Poodle and also participating in grooming competitions. 

This will be his first judging appointment in Australia, and he is absolutely thrilled to be invited to such a prestigious event.

Lorna Lo  (Hong Kong)

Lorna was born in Hong Kong and has been in the dog grooming industry for over 10 years. Lorna specialises in the Asian Fusion grooming style and has a particular interest  grooming show trim poodles. Unlike Australia, Hong Kong has limited weekend of  Dog Shows.  Lorna will ensure she attends all these shows as she is not just a dog lover but also love seeing purebred dogs profiles. 
She is a certified Class A, B & C groomer from various kennel clubs and organisations and is now planning towards obtaining the gold master groomer title through the FCI Grooming International.
Lorna is very excited to be one of your judges at The Melbourne Royal Show. 

She is scheduled to judge G1B, G4B, G5B and Asian Fusion (1)

Best Asian Fusion In Show

Clare Van Der Wolde (VIC)

Clare’s affiliation with dogs started from a very young age, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel joined the family when she was two, and they have remained ever since. Clare and her mother bred and showed the Cavaliers through her childhood, however it was not until she was 18 that they showed on a truly regular basis.
The past 17 years have seen Clare spending a lot more time around the showring and successfully showing multiple breeds across multiple groups. They have also added White Swiss Shepherd’s to the family, having great success, including winning the first ever Best In Show with the breed in this country.

Grooming as an occupation started when Clare became a bather at SpaBark in 2014, from there she has gone on to open her very successful business K9 Makeovers Dog Grooming, now located in Noble Park.
The bug for grooming competitions was an easy step to make from dog shows, and Clare’s first competition she groomed what else, but a Cavalier.

Having built friendships through the show world has made borrowing dogs easier and Clare has competed with a range of breeds in the grooming ring including English Cockers, Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, Scottish Terriers, Irish Setters, English Springers, Border Terriers and she was the first person to introduce the Basset Fauve De Bretagne to the grooming competition world.

Clare is scheduled to judge in the following :

Group 1C, Group 2C, Group 3B & 3C, Group 4C,  Group 5C  and AF (2)

Best Class C In Show

Best Model Dog In Show

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