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Code of Conduct & Ethnics

Aims : To build a safe and inclusive environment for everyone to participate in our competition.  These complement with Dogs Australia and its member body Code of Conduct and Ethics which also provides similar enforceable regulations to uphold the integrity and protect this sport.

I : We are Inclusive
We come from diverse backgrounds and share different views. We value and celebrate diversity and we respect the rights and dignity of each other. We are equal and is committed to zero tolerance for discrimination and bullying.

II : We make canine welfare and  health our priority
We do not engage in, or allow others to engage in, activities that put the welfare and health of our dogs at risk


III: We strive for safe environment
We do not engage in, or tolerate, threatening, aggressive or violent language and behavior. We do no incite or encourage hatred or violence. We do not intimidate or abuse our judges or stewards

IV : We respect the judge's decision
We acknowledge that competition judge's decision may not be perfect, but we do not call into questions their integrity, abuse or belittle them. We are grateful for the important and challeging role they play in our competition. We always show respect for the judge and other show officials


V: We play fairly 
We do not cheat.  We compete by the rules and the expected standards of fair competition.

VI: We respect public property and spaces
We do not damage property, we follow event  rules.  We keep our grooming station clean, put our rubbish in the bin. and we pick up after our dog.  We represent member of  DA Canine Grooming in a positive way.

VII: We are good sports
We respect good play whether from yourself  or the competitor.  We thank the competitors and officials after the competition and we are gracious – win, lose or draw.

VIII: We keep our competition Fair and Honest
We do not engage in dishonest or any corrupt practices.  We are here to compete with integrity, respecting their opponents and abiding by the rules, regardless of the outcome and we hold each other to these Standards

Code of Practice

1) No person shall enter the show if the judge owns the competing dog and shall not enter under that judge within twelve (12) months prior to the show. 

2) A judge who has prepared or privately provided or bred the competing dog to a person in the class that they are judging must not adjudicate.   

3) No person shall enter under a judge if the judge has groomed the competing dog within six (6) months prior to the show. 

    3.1) No person shall take any grooming products or tools belonging to the judge in the ring at which the judge is officiating.

4) No person of a Judge’s Immediate family or household including a person who resides at the same address or a judge's partner, shall enter the show.

5) No person shall enter under a judge if that person has accommodated that judge or been accommodated by that judge in the period of twelve (12) months prior to the show or intends to accommodate the Judge within 72 hours after the show.

6) No person shall enter under a judge if that person was trained by that Judge i.e. Instructor/Student/Apprentice and/or has participated in a private or semi-private training (less than five attendees) with that Judge at any time during a period of twelve (12) months prior to the show

7) No person shall enter under a judge if that person has a vested business relationship with the judge including that of consultant, sub-contractor, or leasing within twelve (12) months prior to the show.

8.0) No person shall enter under a judge if that person has the same current Sponsorship or Brand Ambassador as that judge.

       8.1) AGS and Show Manager do not allow their own sponsored groomer to enter. 


9) A judge must request that the person be withdrawn from competition if the judge has a conflict of interest with the competing dog/the groomer for example employer or employee relationships, financial considerations, separate interest in a Grooming School or Salon, handled or co-owned a dog with the judge. This is not a definitive list of examples.


10) A person shall not enter under a judge with whom you travel to shows with. "Travels to shows" would also include those with whom one shares a hotel room or regularly dine/park/set up together at dog or grooming shows. 


Promotion Activity 

A person shall not display inside or in view of the judging ring :

16.1) Wearing badges, clothing, jacket or other garments with visible sponsorship, ambassador  or anything which indicates or might indicate they are a member of Groom Team of certain Company, Brand or Country. ​

16.2) It is not allowed to wear clothes advertising a salon, kennel name or grooming products in the ring.

16.3) Any cards, ribbons, rosettes or trophies except those won at the show. 

16.4) Any advertising matters

This rule does not apply to :

  • General mechandisers where any person would able to purchase from an open market

  • After the completion of the General specials.

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