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Australian National Grooming Team 

Dogs Australia Grooming  is affiliated with Australian National Kennel Council Limited (ANKC) trading as Dogs Australia. The Dogs Australia Grooming committee is responsible for the governance and strategic leadership of Australian Grooming. The committee comprises 7  members led by each State and works to guide Grooming's future growth and to uphold the overall strategic objectives of the organization.


We have 3 positive Objectives 

  • Preserving our traditional trims that many young groomers have lost in the modern grooming shows  

  • Protecting its integrity, restoring confidence and trust in grooming competitions and

  • Promoting conformation grooming and creating a National Team of groomers admired, accredited and approved by Australia and the World

Members shall fully comply with the rules and regulations set down by the Dogs Australia. 
We encourage all groomers to join us, this will be a fantastic platform for us to demonstrate and share our knowledge of the profession with all groomers. 

Australian National Grooming Team.

This team will be run under the management of Dogs Australia Grooming Committee. The Australian National Grooming Team comprises 5 Team members who shall act as representatives of our National Grooming Team in Australia.

The Australian National Grooming Team comprised of the following : 

One Team member for Group 1 Hand Stripping
One Team member for Group 2 Spaniel / Setter
One Team member for Group 3 Poodle
One Team member for Group 4 Scissoring

One Team reserve for all Categories

The above Team will be led by The Team Manager appointed by the National Grooming Committee.  The Team Manager may step into the team if required to compete.


Additionally, we created a place for our young groomer to travel along with our National Grooming Team. The primarily objective is for them to get some exposure and inspire to other youngster groomers to join our event and prepare themselves for the next World events.

Winner from The Rising Star scoreboard will be awarded this opportunity.

Selecting the Travel Team

The Australian National Grooming Team will be comprised of the top point holders using the highest pointscore leader board derived from the sanctioned shows. Five representatives will be selected from the scoreboard. 

In the event that 2 or more grooming exhibitors have the same number of points, the exhibitor with the most number of 'Best in Group 1st' will be placed first. If there is still not an outright leader, the  the number of 'Best in Group 2nd' wins will be counted  and then if necessary 'Best In Group 3'  

If the Travel Team is still undecided , the committee members will convene a meeting for a final vote.

Australian National Grooming Team is an approximate 2 year commitment. 

All associated travel costs involved with The National Grooming Team are a shared responsibility from each team member.
They are required to raise funds individually as well as group fundraising should it become available.

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